JUNG DA YOON CEO of Aulling Atelier

Jung majored in horticulture from the age of 20, and entered the world of flowers through the perspective of German design. She spent years learning distinctly oriental styles of floral arrangements popular in Korea, and immersed herself in European flower culture as well as design on her travels to Germany, France, England, and Belgium. Jung enjoys observing nature and values communing with it. She pays attention to the soft and graceful movements and natural ecology created by plants and trees. Jung funnels her observations of nature into her flower designs. That is why Jung’s studio is located off the beaten path of the city, and in a place where she has enough space to coexist with nature. Jung often adds her own creativity to natural lines found in nature, and she looks to express natural elements in a neat and harmonious way. She also enjoys expressing the various colors of flowers in a number of different ways, layering movements with delicate floral patterns to add softness and elegance to any arrangement. Jung’s passion is teaching others how to design flowers, and she also directs events and wedding designs.









Graduated from the Department of Horticulture and Plant Econoly at Daegu Catholic University

Completed the Florist Assistant program at Bangsik Total Design Academy

Acquired the Flower-Designer Flower ART International Certification in Germany (GBF-Grunber Bildungzentrm Florist GmbH)

Completed the Instructor’s Qualification program at Kim Jin Kyu Flower Drawing

CEO, BLÜHEN Flower Shop

Master's degree at Korea University Graduate School (major in floriculture)

BLÜHEN Flower Shop - AULLING ATELIER Flower Studio (renamed company)

Completed the Catherinemuller Diploma program in Paris

Work History










Mokpo MBC / Strauss Bronze Award / Spatial Design GBF Award

Wedding flower decor, Seoul National University

Culture column, Yeongnam Ilbo

Serial, Magazine Flora

VIP party flower decor, Daegu World Energy Congress

Lectures at various middle and high schools in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do

Flower lectures at Hyundai Department Store, Lotte Department Store, and Daebaek Plaza / Corporate lectures at Samsung Card, Chamber of Commerce, etc. / Florist episode, Daegu KBS News Plaza

Flower lecture at Shinsegae Department Store

Host, Fleuropean Workshop 

Host, The_Blue_Carrot Workshop

Host, Fridakim_London Workshop

Host, Fleuropean Workshop

Host, Shanghai Flower Workshop (China)

Host, Flower Workshops in Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia), Hong Kong, and Taiwan / Contributor, Design House


Mail. aulling@aulling.co.kr  |  Tel. 054-475-5246

21-13 Okgyesindang-ro 5-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do  

Biz License. 460-90-00163

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AULLING ATELIER  |  DA YOON JEONG  |  Mail. aulling@aulling.co.kr  |  Tel. 054-475-5246

21-13 Okgyesindang-ro 5-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do   |  Biz License. 460-90-00163   |  Mail order number. 제 2023-경북구미-0608 호